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As the 5 stars indicate Nanci is as good as it gets.

I had a grade 3 shoulder separation caused playing soccer which was bothering me sleeping and just doing everyday tasks. I set up some therapy with Nanci due to the fact I hate the 'Dr's Office' environment and it is one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. Although I only had 3 sessions with Nanci the exercises that she gave me to take home have been amazing. She even found that I favor my left leg all the time, causing my right leg to become very weak, she has given me exercises to try and correct this too before it becomes an issue in later life.

I cannot recommend Balanced Place enough, the studio is fantastic, clean and welcoming.

If your looking for some PT outside the ordinary Dr environment this is for you!

I had been suffering from chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain for almost 4 years now and was starting to believe I would never be rid of it. I got MRIs, X-rays, saw chiropractors, took pain medication, and none of it really dealt with my problem. It always came back. Initially, I had avoided physical therapists because I assumed they were prohibitively expensive; however, after finding Balanced Place on Yelp and seeing the extremely positive reviews and how reasonable the rates were, I decided I had to at least give it a shot.

I am SO glad I did.

After just a couple of months, I am virtually pain free! My mood has improved and everything seems brighter again. I had gotten so used to being in pain that I had forgotten what it was like to be healthy. Balanced Place has given that feeling back to me.

It's founder, Nanci Besser, is amazing. She's professional and knowledgeable, making sure to keep you involved in the process by explaining the purpose of each exercise. This is great for me because I was getting tired of all the mumbo jumbo and just wanted some straight talk for once. Beyond that, she's also very fun and engaging, which creates an enjoyable environment in which it's easy to do the work.

As important as the exercises are, I found my consultations with Nanci to be equally valuable. It was through these that she pinpointed the areas in my day-to-day routine that were exacerbating my problem. It wasn't obvious stuff either, but it made sense. Like I said, she knows her stuff.

In the end, I made a few changes to my lifestyle (stopped sleeping on my side) and to my environment (bye bye, office chair armrests) that Nanci had suggested. This combined with maintaining regular sessions with her has really worked wonders. I have never felt better.

Going to Balanced Place was the best decision I've made in a long time. If you are suffering with chronic mystery pain and feel like you've tried everything, you owe it to yourself to check out Nanci's studio. I went in skeptical and came out feeling fantastic.

Thank you, Nanci!!

To say that Nanci is Pilates Rehab would be unfair to the other Pilates Rehab Instructors. Nanci can dialogue with my body. She speaks body language, and has natural and developed multi-layered gifts that have helped me to iron out complex instability issues in lower back, mid back, shoulder, knee and feet. I see Nanci 3 times a week as my workout and we always reconnect to core and stability. My strength is returning!

I was first introduced to Pilates during my dance career, and after that period of my life ended, I continued doing Pilates since I found it was a great alternative for keeping all those muscles that were ignored through regular running and gym workouts strong and stretched. But, when I moved to LA from the East Coast, I struggled to find a good studio and finally stopped looking completely.

After having a particularly difficult experience during a marathon, I renewed my search and was lucky enough to find Nanci and Balanced Place. From the very first session, I was impressed with how well Nanci understood and could read my body.

She recognized imbalances that I didn't even know were there and made me more aware of how everything I do, from how I sit at my desk, to my running form, affect my body's function. And she even was able to help me find relief for aches, pains and minor injuries along the way.

One year after my horrible marathon experience, after working with Nanci weekly, I returned to the same marathon course and ran my personal best time even though I was actually running less and I recovered quicker than ever to get ready to run another one just a few months later!

I'm not usually one for posting comments on yelp, but really feel the need to share how amazing Nanci and Balanced Place are. I've been working with Nanci weekly for about 6 months now and am just amazed by the results. I started sessions after finishing almost a year of PT for chronic issues and getting minimal results. Nanci understood my issues immediately and has since brought speedy and continued improvement of my chronic issues as well as overall balance/health. I really felt a difference after the first session! And I always feel totally relaxed by Nanci's warm demeanor and bright smile.

During our sessions Nanci is completely in tune with my body's alignment and movements, often able to correct a subtle habit that will make a huge difference! She is very knowledgeable within her field and is able to change lesson plans on a whim, to address whatever is needed that day. Her stellar understanding of anatomy and bio mechanics in addition to pilates really makes her an ideal instructor for post-rehab exercise/recovery as well as all strength training!

As a physician, I'm aware of the many different exercise regimens available. I truly believe that whether you are looking for a new exercise regimen, a compliment to a current one, or post-rehab exercise, Balanced Place will certainly help you excel.

Nanci is far more than a Pilates instructor. In fact, when recommending her to everyone I know and meet, I refer to her as a "healer". She has taken me from moderately satisfied about my body and it's abilities, to completely thrilled.

I had no idea what I was capable of! After working with her for for just over a year, I vow to be a life-long client. Her genuine care, attention, and devotion to her clients is remarkable. Not only have I lost weight and can bounce a quarter off of my abs; I feel a connectedness throughout that I cherish.

Nanci is an amazing woman with a unique gift that she gladly shares. Asking nothing in return. Because of Nanci, I now wholeheartedly believe in the possibilities of the body.



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